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Mikey Sawyer | Miss Fortune (Sumerian Records)

R = Recorded   M = Mixed
MA = Mastered   P = Produced
E = Edited   W = Co-Wrote
TerraformZenith2015Vocal Engineering
Hey, Captain KnightThe Opener2015R, M, MA, P
The Russian Sleep ExperimentDeception2015R, M, MA
Of the FactAdjust2015R, M, MA, P
American ZeroA Great American Love Story2015R, M, MA, P
Treason ThisAlways Perfect2015R, M, MA, P
RealmsReverie2015Vocal Engineering
Royal'zAn End to Anchor2015Vocal Engineering, M, MA, P
Towering AbominationWrath of the Succubus2015R, M, MA
Busy LivingHow An Ending Feels2014R, M, MA, P
To Paint With FireStepping Stones2014R, P
The Russian Sleep ExperimentAn End Reborn2014R, M, MA, P
Through the YearsThrough the Years2014R, M, MA
SerpentsPestilence2014M, MA, Additional Recording
Watch the Skyline BurnAlterations2014R, M, MA, P
Hayden SkaggsThistill2014R, M, MA
AroniousTruth in Perception2014R, M, MA
Of GlaciersHeart Museum2013Vocal Tracking
Of the FactBig Plans for a Small Town2013R, M, MA, P
City of GhostsThe Calm in the Current2013Easy Killer RecordsR, M, MA, P
BenevolenceSynapse2013R, M, MA, P
Treason ThisPortraits2013R, M, MA
Glory DivineTransitions2013R, M, MA, P
Under ParisOur Stories2013R, M, MA
The Boy Will DieThe Revenge2013R, M, MA
SerpentsBorn of Ishtar2013E, M, MA, & Additional Recording
In Light of UsProgressions2013R, M, MA
PursuanceThe Spiral Dynamic2013M, MA
Armageddon AwaitsDeplorable Demise2013R, M, MA, P
OcellusDeparture2013Pavement EntertainmentVocal Editing
WolvesDying2012R, M, MA, P
Wings to BurnThe Nefarious Conquest2012R, M, MA
When Hearts FailThe Rising2012Red Cord RecordsE
Watch the Skyline BurnInsurrection2012R, M, MA
The Picture PerfectReveries2012M, MA
So This is SufferingA Deathscene On Delay2012Additional Vocal Editing
BenevolenceAxon2012R, M, MA
A Study in ScarletCastles2012R, M, MA
True ColorsSleepseekers2012MA
All But A MemoryAnimus2012R, M, MA, P
Abide By MeAbide By Me2012R, M, MA, P
Mark BellThe Noise2012M, MA
I Wore QuietThe Only Thief2012R, M, MA, P
Evacuate the PlanetIdentity2012R, M, MA, P
ImperialsImperials2012R, M, MA
GuardiansThe Alignment2012R, P
Not One Is UprightGod is Not a Watchmaker and The World is Not Ticking2012Red Cord RecordsE
Fail to DecayThe Navigator2012R, M, MA, P
Draw o' CowardRenaissance2012R, M, MA
The Picture PerfectDreaming in Color2011R, M, MA, P
Stranger Than FateMaking the Man2011Red Cord RecordsE
Southbound FearingSouthbound Fearing2011Red Cord RecordsE
SeriannaInheritors2011Bullet Tooth RecordsAdditional Editing
Shattered PainShattered Pain2011Red Cord RecordsE
From the Eyes of ServantsEl Elyon2011Red Cord RecordsE
Righteous VendettaLawless2011Red Cord RecordsE
MicawberViral2011R, M, MA
Above the AbyssYeah… That Just Happened2011Red Cord RecordsE
Breaking the BladeAbstract Girl2011R, M, MA, P
Mercy ScreamsBroken Mirrors2011Red Cord RecordsE
Before We FallInstructors2011R, M, MA, P
JolietTruth Cannot Be Destroyed By Burning Pages2011Red Cord RecordsE
Befriend and BetrayBefriend and Betray2011R, M, MA
Draw o' CowardDraw o' Coward2010R, M, MA
What Lies AheadLazarus2010R, M, MA, P, W
This Ship Will SinkAperture2010R, M, MA, P