Derek's mixes are great! Heavy and clean! I can dig it.

Francis Xayana | Reflections (eOne / Good Fight)

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608 Studios is owned and operated by Derek Moffat in Milwaukee, WI. He has worked with bands such as Serpents, Of Glaciers, Serianna, Righteous Vendetta, Wolves, City of Ghosts, and many more. Some of his work can be found in stores across the nation, and has even peaked in the Top Billboard Charts. Derek has also teamed up on records with producers and engineers such as Lee McKinney (Born of Osiris) Adam “Nolly” Getgood (Periphery), and Tyler Acord (Issues). He is a musician that plays and understands just about every instrument that has been brought his way in the studio. Because Derek is a multi-instrumentalist with a vast background on music theory and song writing, communication between the engineer and the client is smooth and productive.

“Working with Derek Moffat at 608 Studios is always a comfortable and exciting experience. Derek is very knowledgable which allows him to implement great ideas on the fly in order to keep the production process thorough as well as painless. He works hard for the bands and artists and is always grateful for the opportunity to create fresh new art. Once you find yourself in 608 Studios you will find that you have a new friend as well. Luckily for you this new relationship will only help your passion and career grow.”

– Lukas Magyar | Veil of Maya

“Whenever I go to track at 608 Studios, I CANNOT contain my excitement. A guaranteed professional atmosphere while being extremely relaxed and easy going is a hard combination to find, if you ask me. I put my trust in Derek without hesitation when we work together. At the end of the experience, not only will you be satisfied and have a badass product, but I’m sure you’ll come out at the end of the tunnel with a great friend. Reliability, professionalism, & down to Earth is all I think of when I hear ‘608 Studios’.”

– Cade Armstrong | Of Glaciers

“Working with Derek & 608 was a very refreshing experience for me. Not only does he put out some pretty breakthrough stuff mix wise, but he went above and beyond for the sake of the music and getting it done ‘right’. You don’t see that quality much anymore in this fast paced industry, and that alone is something worth paying for.”

– Andrew Mikhail | Defilier, Serpents

“Derek from 608 Studios has really upped his game recently. He has perfected the metal recordings that many have tried and failed to do with the perfect blend of thrashing guitar tones, expertly recorded vocals, and sharp as knives drum recordings. 608 is definitely the place for any band who wants to get out of the garage and into a real studio. 608 is a freight train of fresh ideas and sonic wonder.”

– Rocky Morgan | Serianna

“Working with Derek at 608 Studios was a very pleasant experience – he provided excellently recorded and edited tracks, and his communication was great!”

– Adam “Nolly” Getgood | Periphery, Top Secret Audio




The recording is what determines the outcome of all other processes in making a record, and is definitely the most important part of them all. Every little detail goes into making sure everything sounds as best as possible when recording here.

Tracking is very meticulous but stress free as a positive and relaxing environment is consistently encouraged throughout our sessions. When you’re not tracking, enjoy the in-studio WIFI or just kick back, relax, and watch the lava lamps sail.



Our mixing process consists of using analogue gear with the help of the digital platform and VST plugins. There’s a reason why most of the big name artists create their records with analogue equipment. Analogue mixing provides more depth, punch, space for each musical element, warmth, clarity, and better imaging for a “3D” feel and sound that you cannot acquire, or easily obtain with plugins. It is the way to go.



Having another set of fresh ears for the final stage of the recording process is extremely helpful. After hearing a song 1,000 times during recording and mixing phases, many engineers can lose control of their mastering decisions and end up with a lifeless, squashed, or even clipped master. We offer hybrid analogue and digital mastering to give your mixes big bottom lows, high end sheen, and get them up to commercial volume at an affordable rate with very fast turn-around time.



Aside from recording, mixing, and all of the other meticulous tasks like editing and comping takes, 608 Studios offers hands-on producing with our clients. If desired, Derek Moffat may write new guitar riffs, drum fills, arrange vocal melodies or create harmonies, and act as another band member during the recording process.

Post production is also included in our recording and mixing packages. This includes any effect or song addition imaginable (reverse cymbals, reverse snares, bass drops, “AM radio” effects, distortion vocals, etc.) Derek can even travel to a studio near you to produce your music. Please visit the Contact page for more information on booking.



Let us help get those drum, guitar, bass, or vocal tracks in the pocket, tight, and perfectly on time. Our editing work has made it on many label releases (Bullet Tooth, Redcord Records, Pavement Entertainment, etc.)



Looking for beefy and in-your-face guitar tone? All we need are some DI tracks on your end, then leave the rest to us. There are many options for achieving the tone you hear in your head. We have a variety of tube amps along with the endless Fractal Audio Axe FX II and much more.

Vocal Tuning


Have you captured all of the emotion and articulation in a vocal performance, but the pitch or timing isn’t all quite there? Send 608 all of the raw files (no processing) with backing tracks of the songs and receive pleasant, in-tune, and on-time vocals to drop back in your project.